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Scaling your data efforts
Hire the right data talent with Skillfill - and analyse your organisation's data competency to efficiently close your skill gaps.
What to consider
Scaling requires specialisation
The field of Data Science & Analytics is broad and dynamic. Thus data teams are diversified and often decentralised during the scaling phase. This makes data-literate organisations a must.
Challenges in making use of data are changing the requirements on your employees: Data Professionals, managers and all others.
Hiring process
The changes in requirements have an impact on the profiles you are searching for - not adapting your hiring process is problematic.
Optimising your organisation
In order to successfully scale your data efforts, skill gaps should be non-existent - ideally for the entire organisation.
Dynamics of data skills
Roles, technologies etc. - everything is changing
Technological advances and new use cases of data projects have a big impact:
Data competency is becoming more complex
New job profiles are created
Upskilling is becoming more critical
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We further develop your data skills
How should an efficient hiring process look like?
A modern hiring process is flexible and characterised by a skill assessment that can automatically adapt to new requirements of new roles.
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Our products
Skillfill as the ideal partner for data skills
Skillfill offers an AI-based software for applicant screening. Hire the right data talent with tailored skill tests - no matter which exact position.
Our competency model incorporates trends
Set of questions for all relevant skill categories
Intelligent question selection for different roles
More about Evaluate
Skillfill enables companies to analyse their data competency and shows how their employees' data skills are evolving - to identify critical skill gaps.
Showing recent skill trends in the market
Presentation of as-is-state of data competency
Measuring impact of upskilling intiatives
More about Enterprise
Customer quotes
Skillfill from the perspective of our customers
Your benefits
Develop your data skillls with Skillfill - to be a leader in the field of Data Science & Analytics.
AI-based hiring
Use of AI to optimise hiring by only interviewing the best candidates.
Measure the data skill gaps of your company and learn how to close them.