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Hire the best digital tech talent in record time
Efficiently pre-screen your applicants for data, software engineering, product, and UI/UX roles with automatically generated, highly customized skill tests.
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Our pre-screening
Sophisticated, adaptive, easy to use
Upload job ad
Simply upload your job ad via PDF or URL. The Skillfill engine automatically detects the required skills and the level of seniority for the role. A unique skill test for the role is then generated on this basis. The core of the skill tests consists of multiple choice questions.
Customize screening
All of our questions are tagged to be matched with the detected keywords. This allows you to further customize the questionnaire by removing or replacing questions on a tag base. In addition, you can integrate culture fit and cognitive testing or integrate your own questions via video recording.
Increase efficiency
By pre-screening your applicants with Skillfill you increase productivity: HR frees up time to focus on people. Hiring managers only interview suitable candidates. The applicants gain a deeper understanding of the job's requirements and challenges early on.
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Digital tech talent is crucial
You need digital rockstars to stay ahead of the competition
Strong digital tech teams are imperative for remaining competitive in the modern world. To avoid losing your most suitable applicants in the hiring process you must identify them quickly. This can not be achieved by manual screening or generic tests but requires automated and highly position-specific screening.
You need digital rockstars to stay ahead of the competition
Data Professionals
Software Engineers
IT Roles
Digital Marketeers
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Why Skillfill?
Benefits for your modern HR strategy
Data-driven HR decisions
Skillfill enables HR to reach solid hiring decisions. Every question in our testing is linked to a required skill or attribute of your position description.
Candidate experience
Already during the pre-screening your candidates will understand the requirements and challenges of their future job and appreciate domain expertise.
Decrease your time-to-hire
By including automated pre-screening into your hiring flow you will speed up the process and avoid losing strong candidates.
No more unconscious bias
By supporting CV screening with Skillfill's testing you will remove unconscious bias and discover hidden gems.
Ready to get started?
Skillfill supports you in hiring the strongest digital tech talent - so you stay competitive.
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We are a team of digital experts with experience in leading tech companies.
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