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Building first data teams
Skillfill helps you building first data teams by defining needed profiles and offering a software for applicant screening of Data Professionals.
What to consider
Your data journey is individual
The first steps in implementing your data strategy are hard, especially in the field of 'Data Science & Analytics'. A thoughtful approach is recommended - having a well-defined data strategy and the right talent.
Your data
The data that is collected and generated within your organisation is unique - just as a finger print of your hand.
Your challenge
It is up to you to come up with an intelligent data strategy to make the most out of your data - and being preprared for the future.
The right talent
In order to implement your data strategy, the right talent ist needed - Data Professionals, managers and individual contributors alike.
What talent is needed?
There is not THE Data Scientist
There's more than one single profile - the entire field is evolving in a speed that has never been higher. Some factors complicate the use of data:
The problems you need to solve are changing
New roles in and around data are created
Technologies are evolving rapidly
Data Science & Analytics is interdisciplinary by default
Portrait of the data engineer Leah Meyer
Leah Meyer
Data Engineer
First steps
Helping you to successfully build your first data teams
How can you prepare your data for efficient use?
To successfully carry out your data projects, a proper data infrastructure needs to be in place. This will allow for scalable use of data - considering your individual goals.
Image of a person viewing a monitoring dashboard
Our products
Skillfill as the ideal partner for data skills
Tailored consulting service to build up your data competency - so you can successfully implement your data strategy.
Definition of needed profiles
Discussion of your planned data projects
Analysis of your data skills
More about Workshop
Skillfill offers an AI-based software for applicant screening. Hire the right data talent with tailored skill tests - no matter which exact position.
Our competency model incorporates trends
Set of questions for all relevant skill categories
Intelligent question selection for different roles
More about Evaluate
Customer quotes
Skillfill from the perspective of our customers
Your benefits
With the services and products of Skillfill you are well-prepared to accomplish your data projects.
Data comprehension
Clear next steps regarding your data projects based on your individual goals.
AI-based hiring
Use of AI to optimise hiring by only interviewing the best candidates.