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AI-based applicant screening
With Skillfill you receive the right skill test - for all roles in the field of 'Data Science & Analytics'. This way only the best are interviewed.
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No bad interviews any longer
From job ad to the right skill test - with a few clicks
The question selection for our skill test is done with the help of AI - quick, high-quality and automated. Taking into account market trends the skill tests stay up to date.
A new position
With a few clicks or simply uploading your job ad, our system recognizes the requirements of a position - for all positions in the field of 'Data Science & Analytics'.
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The right skill test
The question selection is accomplished by AI and can be supplemented by a videorecording. Moreover, our skill tests take into account market trends.
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Only the best candidates are interviewed
No more manual question selection. You have now a scalable solution to hire for all sort of data roles - and interview the best candidates only.
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Skillfill technology
AI as a basis for self-learning skill tests
We want you to focus on the human side of the hiring process. Our software takes care of automating your work to make your life easier and save valuable time.
Self-learning data competency model
Up to date questions with cheat detection
Questions for old and new roles in the field
Skill test setup is linked to the job performance
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Screen with lines of code
Product features
Better than inhouse solutions or other skill assessment
Skillfill Evaluate
Other skill assessments
Inhouse solution
Adaptive skill tests for all roles
Question catalogue maintenance
Cheat detection
Taking into account market trends
Link with job performance
Soft skill test via videorecording
GDPR compliant
Clear return on investment
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With Skillfill you streamline your hiring process and save time by interviewing the best candidates only.
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Skillfill Enterprise
AI-based software solution for skill gaps analysis regarding data skills.
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