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Intelligent applicant pre-screening
Skillfill provides you with custom pre-screening for all your digital tech jobs. Our intelligent system automatically generates individual screenings based on the requirements detected from your job ad.
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Focus on the right candidates
From job ad to custom pre-screening in just a few clicks
Upload job ad
Upload any tech or digital job ad, and our NLP system detects the knowledge requirements for the position.
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Get highly customized pre-screening test
The Skillfill engine generates a unique pre-screening consisting of multiple choice questions covering latest technologies and skills. You can optionally add cultural fit questions and cognitive testing or ask your own questions via our video recording feature.
Picture of step 2 of the use of Skillfill Evaluate
Interview the strongest candidates
After your applicants undergo the pre-screening, the results are visualized in our intuitive UI. Filter the top performers with one click and proceed with interviewing.
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Product features
Better than in-house solutions and other pre-screenings
Skillfill Evaluate
Other pre-screenings
In-house solution
Automated job ad screening
Adaptive skill tests for all roles
Question catalogue maintenance
Integrate own questions via video
Cognitive testing
Culture fit check
Cheat detection
GDPR compliant
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