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Analysis of your company's data skills
Companies use Skillfill Enterprise to measure their data skills with the goal of identifying, anticipating closing their skill gaps.
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Data skills are a must for every company
Identify and close your skill gaps
With our AI-based technology companies get insights about market trends and can measure the data skills of all of their employees. The skill gaps identified in the process can then be closed via hiring new employees or upskill existing ones.
Future skills
We are showing you the latest trends regarding new roles, their requirements and new technologies - to keep you up to date.
Step 1 of the use of Skillfill Entperise
Skill gaps analysis
In the next steps skill tests for your relevant future skills are generated automatically. This is the foundation for a high-quality skill gaps analysis.
Step 2 of the use of Skillfill Entperise
Upskilling initiatives
Finally you can derive the right upskilling initiatives for your employees. We recommend you online courses from your own LMS or additional online courses provided by our partners.
Hiring with Skillfill Evaluate
Understanding your skill gaps gives you additional info on who to hire to make up for weaknesses. Our software Skillfill Evaluate for applicant screening is integrated in Skillfill Enterprise.
Skillfill technology
Technical advances lead to changes in the market
We help you to go beyond your skill status quo. Our data competency modell is pwered by AI and is self-learning. No matter how the skill trends change the data talent landscape, you will be aware of those changes.
Self-learning data competency model
Up to date questions for old and new skills
Making data skills visible
Recommendation for hiring and upskilling
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Screen with lines of code
Your benefits
Prepared for a data-driven future
A new way of learning and development of your organisation. With Skillfill you can not only hire the right Data Professionals, but make sure all employees speak 'data' - a key skill for future success.
Employee loyalty
The entire company benefits from strategic upskilling initiatives - employee satisfaction and tenure time are increased as a result.
Team productivity
Improved data skills of all employees increase the team productivity of everyone involved in data projects - and improves communication.
Data privacy
Your data is secured and anonymised. The goal is not to assess employee performance but enable strategic upskilling initiatives.
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We analyse the data skills of your organisation to prepare you for a data-driven future.
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Skillfill Evaluate
The AI-based software solution for applicant screening.
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