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People are at the core of every business. Ensure you identify the top candidates with prices that suit you.
For flexible businesses who value a skills-based recruitment and hire sporadically.
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Number of Active Job Simulations
Additional Active Job Simulation per Month
Number of Candidates per Active Job Simulation per Month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the product?

Yes. Start today your 14-days free trial, without any costs, and no commitment. During this period you have access to every feature of our platform, without limitations on the number of active job simulations or the number of candidates.

What is an active job simulation?

A job simulation is an assessment that allows you to see how candidates perform given the job position they are applying to. With you can automatically create your own job simulations, 100% tailored to your job ad.

A job simulation is active when it is accepting answers from candidates.

I am recruiting for more than one position at the same time. Can I still use

Sure! During the 14-days free-trial you can have as many active job simulations as you want. In the "Essential" pack, you can add more active job simulations in the platform.

In case you want a tailored solution, contact us and let's talk to get you a plan that identifies all of your needs!

Can I create job simulations for every type of role?

Currently, it is possible to generate job simulations for tech-related roles such as: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Analytics Engineer, Software Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Full stack Engineer, Mobile Developer, and all related roles. We are working daily to add more roles. In case you have a specific need, contact us.

How can help me bringing diversity to the hiring process?

With's software you can give every candidate the chance to show their skills, no matter their background, gender, or race. This will help you fight unconscious bias and allow you to focus completely on the candidate's performance. Start your free-trial today!

Can I integrate with our ATS?

We offer integration with softwares such as BambooHR, Cornerstone, Greenhouse, Jobvite, Lever, Personio, Recruitee, SAP, Workable, Workday, and many more. Please contact us for specific integration requests.

Can I invite every candidate to do a job simulation?

Yes! This will allow you to assess every candidate based on the skills required for the job.

In the Essential pack, it is included to have 30 candidates assessed, per active job simulation per month. If you need more, there is no problem, you can adjust it to your needs in our platform.

Is GDPR compliant?

Yes! We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Other questions?