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Our mission: Data skills for companies worldwide
The world is increasingly data-driven. Those, who don't manage to make use of their data, will lose - Data Science and AI are becoming mainstream.
No matter how advanced you are - Skillfill supports you in building first data teams and further develop your organisation's data skills.
As a modern Tech company we are offering you products and services around the data talent needed to implement your data strategy.
Why we do what we do
Having vast experience in the field of Data Science & Analytics at global leaders we noticed: The right data talent is key to success, especially in such a dynamic field - but data skill assessment remains a hard problem. We solve it.
Team picture of Skillfill founders
Skillfill - making smart teams smarter.
Our vision: Building and developing critical skills in companies and their teams - by applying AI to HR problems.
New fields
The digitalisation is brining up new critical skills in new fields such as Cloud Engineering and Cyber Security.
New products
Our product have one thing in common: They are using AI to realise new functionalities that have been impossible so far.
The team
Stefanos Christoforou
Alexander Lieder
David von Hammerstein
Dr. Benjamin Wolter
Our advisors
Photo of advisor Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoppe
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoppe
Photo of advisor Linus Tabellion
Linus Tabellion
Product Advisor Dr. Thomas Otter
Dr. Thomas Otter
Strategy Advisor Sebastian Koch
Sebastian Koch
Our values
The 'How?' is as important as the 'What?' - and is supporting us in making our vision come true.
Like politics? Go into politics. For us ego and personal interests are secondary at best. We try hard to find the best solution, not the most popular one. This requires pure honesty. To others, to ourselves. We are aware of our weaknesses and proud of our strengths.
Quick adoption
Information we have, the people we work with, problems and customer needs are all constantly changing. Embrace this change. Something that works today might not work tomorrow. This is not a call to action for the sake of action. If needed, sense-check with peers before making conclusions.
Quick adoption and honesty lead to collaboration. Very often, we won’t be able to find the best solution to a given problem ourselves. We need a team to overcome our weaknesses and to make a sound judgement. We use collaboration as an opportunity to share knowledge.
Even if we are honest, adopt to changes quickly and work effectively with our team, we might not be able to make a good decision. Sometimes we need to take a risk not knowing whether something will work or not. If the result has the chance to be ground-breaking, we go for it.
Intrinsical motivation is the sh*t! It doesn’t mean we should not be motivated by money and other external factors. But we don’t waste our life hunting something materialistic only. Work is such a vital part of our life, we better enjoy what we do. By doing so, we get better and have fun.
Result is a by-product of all other values. We aim high. We won’t learn from mediocrity and fear of doing new things. By focusing on our development, collaborating with others, testing our limits and enjoying what we do, we end up achieving the excellence we aim for.
Join us!
Become part of our team and help us enabling a truly data-driven future.
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